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    Welcome to the Walnut Hollow and Kunin Group blog hop! April 22 is Earth Day and we are celebrating with a very special blog hop. Kunin Felt and Walnut Hollow, two “Made in the USA” companies committed to eco-friendly practices and quality products partner to bring you indoor-outdoor home decor projects.

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    Since the Earth is HOME to all of us, I am sharing an easy set of letters to decorate the mantle or an outdoor deck or patio. Walnut Hollow® makes sets of letters in several sizes.

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    You will need:

    • 18” Walnut Hollow® Letters HOME
    • 9” x 12” Kunin Craftcuts Prestofelt, 3 Yellow, 3 Lime Green
    • 9” x 12” Kunin Craftcuts Printzfelt™, 4 Saralma
    • 9” x 12” Kunin Craftcuts Fancifelt™, 4 Morrocan
    • Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
    • Westcott Brand 8” scissors
    • Marker, ruler

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    1. Cut one piece of yellow and two of green into three pieces of 6” by 12” for the letter O. Keep the remaining pieces of felt for the letter E.

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    2. Line up the three pieces of felt with the yellow in the center and felt side down. Place the letter O on the felt paper backing and draw around.

    3. Remove letter O. Cut out pieces. Remove backing from felt beginning with the end green pieces. Adhere to front of letter. Recheck size of yellow pieces before peeling and adhering. Peel and adhere to center of O.
    4. For the letter E use the remaining 3” wide strips and cut a couple more 3” strips from remaining felt. Cut 3” by 4” pieces for the letter E. Peel and adhere pieces alternating colors.
    5. For the letter H line up two pieces of the Moroccan to match the pattern. Draw long side of letter H leaving center. Repeat for opposite side. Use glue to adhere felt to letter. Cut center piece for letter H, adhere.
    6. Repeat same technique for letter M with Saralma
    7. From scraps of Saralma cut some of the medallion design elements. Adhere to O and E as desired.

    As simple as that, now deck the mantle or hang and enjoy indoors or out!


    Where did it all begin with these two companies?

    At The Kunin Group, it all began with Stephen Seymour Kunin in the 1960’s, “the Father of Craft Felts”. Now The Kunin Group, located in NH manufactures adhesive-backed, die-cut, embossed, and stiffened fabrics in several color and style options using their Eco-fi fiber. Kunin turns trash into treasure using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Over six hundred million bottles end up in landfills each year, so far this year Kunin has recycled over 350,000, 000 and counting. This adds the value of environmental stewardship to the fun of making crafts.

    Find out more about us here:
    Kunin Group Website
    Eco-Fi Website
    Kunin Group Facebook Page
    Kunin Group Felt on Instagram

    Walnut Hollow® began as a small family-owned business in Dodgeville, WI in the 70’s. Walnut Hollow is committed to protecting the environment and replenishing natural resources. The company’s owners and employees have been since the beginning strongly committed to preserving natural resources through its raw materials consumption practices, production processes, recycling activities, and community involvement. The Ladd’s (owners and founders of Walnut Hollow) have planted more than 300,000 trees and shrubs on personal property in the surrounding area. Whenever possible, raw material is harvested from plantation and managed woodlands for the manufacture of their home décor items and wood surfaces. Through their manufacturing process no wood waste ends up in landfills, all is recycled. Walnut Hollow’s emphasis has always been to bring the best possible quality products to art and craft hobbyists.

    Find out more about Walnut Hollow here:
    Walnut Hollow website
    Walnut Hollow’s History and Earth-Friendly Practices
    Walnut Hollow Facebook Page
    Walnut Hollow on Pinterest

    Our teams are sharing projects that pair both the Kunin Group felt and Walnut Hollow wood products to create practical and beautiful home decor, organizing solutions, and entertaining items. You can make these projects all year long, not just for Earth Day. To see more inspiring projects, please hop along using the list below:

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    Celebrating the Made In the USA, eco-friendly fun, we’re having a giveaway! We’re sending an assortment of Walnut Hollow wood products to one lucky crafter. Use the widget below to enter to win!

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  1. Roseanna Crawford says:

    Love the project, I love the printed felt.
    I will have to find it in the stores.

  2. Viki B says:

    I love the way you decorated the shelf! The banners are awesome!

  3. We love Eco-friendly crafts!

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  5. These are so bright and fun!

  6. steph ackerman says:

    Great project and great products!

  7. Love it! Great colors!