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It is birthday season in our family, three grandlittle boys have birthdays within two weeks of each other. Isaiah turned eight and wanted a mustached themed birthday. He has a couple of uncles growing mustaches for Movember and so there were eleven lively boys wearing mustaches at the birthday party! Of course he wanted to have a “pin the mustache on” game. Diving into my stash of Eco-fi brand felt once again!

“The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to men living happier, healthier, longer lives. Since 2003, millions have joined the men’s health movement…”

You will need:

  • 9” x 12” craft cuts Kunin Eco-Fi™ Rainbow Classicfelt™, 1 Ivory
  • 9” x 12” craft cuts Kunin Eco-Fi™ Prestofelt™, 6 Black, Red
  • 9” x 12” craft cuts Kunin Eco-Fi™ Printzfelt™, 1 Tiedye
  • ½ yd cut by the yard  Kunin Eco-FiPlus™ Premiumfelt™ , Royal Blue
  • Beacon Fabri-tac Adhesive
  • 1 yd of 1” wide ribbon
  • ½” 5 Black buttons
  • Paint stick
  • Scissors, Ruler, Sharpie, Paper

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1. Cut an 18” by 27” piece for wall hanging back from blue.

2. Fold Ivory in half lengthwise. Cut face shape.

3. Fold Tie-dye piece in half and cut a rounded shape for T-shirt.

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4. Fold 1 black piece in half and cut rounded shape with wavy lower edge for hair.

5. Use Copyright free clipart for mustache pattern. Print and cut out. Draw mustaches on back of black Prestofelt. Cut out as many needed. (Check out our mustache Pinterest board, link below)

6. Fold bottom of wall hanging up 3”. Glue at both ends and center. Glue a button at these points.

7. Glue paint stick along top edge of back.

8. Measure ribbon for hanging length and trim. Glue ribbon ends at opposite ends of paint stick. Cover paint stick with remaining strip of tie-dye felt.

9. On front glue face to center of wall hanging. Glue tie-dye piece along bottom. Peel and stick hair at top of head.

10. Cut a smile from red. Glue button eyes to face with smile glued below leaving place for a mustache.

11. Place mustaches in bottom pockets. When ready to play give each child a mustache after peeling off backing. Let the fun begin!

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You can now find an expanded color line of Kunin Eco-fi Classicfelt; Eco-fiPlus™ Premiumfelt and ShaggiChic non-wovens fabrics in cut by the yard at your local Walmart; please inquire as to what is available in your area.

Find more ideas for a Mustache Movember, patterns, parties and projects on our DIY Mustache Crafting Pinterest board.

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