Autumn Elegance


ReturnToElegance-1 copyThe woman behind Return to Elegance never thought of herself as a designer, as most of her life’s work has been as an accountant. However, she has always enjoyed crafting. In fact, she still has the first tea cloth she embroidered at age 10, to remind herself of the progress she’s made over the years. By the time she was a teenager, she was crocheting and knitting tote bags for her friends and, later in college, she dabbled in calligraphy and ceramics.

ReturnToElegance-2 copyEighteen months ago, her husband was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment. She quit her job to take care of him and to pursue various medical trials. It was a difficult time for her, so she took up sewing to relieve the stress and to pass the long hours of waiting. At first, she made pins and banners for her grandchildren and friends. Her daughter suggested that she start a little shop on Etsy.

Her interests are extensive and include gardening, hiking, antique buttons, archaeology, anthropology, classical music and Sufism. She also loves to travel. Her dream trips would be to attend the throat singing competition in Tuva and to hike the Tsang Po Gorge in Tibet. She also likes to swim and wishes she could swim the Hellespont race in Turkey. Unfortunately, with her husband’s situation, she does not know what the future holds.ReturnToElegance-3x copy