Kapri Couture



Moulin Rouge Headband -KuninI am a wife, mother, crafter, and entrepreneur who loves all things pretty, unique, and Boho Chic. I am a touch Hippie living in a modern world, and I love to spread my happiness through my designs.

Headband-Kunin1The Kapri Couture brand is inspired by my beautiful daughter Kapri Jolie, who made her debut on 11/11/11. She is a fun free spirit with an enormous personality! Every day she sparks my creativity to create new and exciting pieces for the brand. I love designing high-quality unique boutique styled clothing and accessories that she can wear on an everyday basis along with those special outfits for those oh-so-precious moments. Kunin felt is one of my staple materials and is a part of all of my beautiful headbands.

Headband-Kunin2I hope you and your little ones enjoy them and all of my handmade fashion designs and accessories that are always created with LOVE!