Where to Buy

Retailers Web Site Country Location

ACMoore www.acmoore.com United States
JoAnn Stores* www.joann.com United States
Hobby Lobby* www.hobbylobby.com United States
Wal*Mart* www.walmart.com United States
Wal*Mart* www.walmart.ca Canada
Fabricland* www.fabricland.ca Canada
*Product availability varies. Please inquire with your local retailer for product selection.
Distributors Web Site Country Location

Aetna Felt Corporation* Aetna Catalog PA, United States
Birch Haberdashery & Craft http://www.birchhaby.com.au/ Australia
Brewer Quilting & Sewing Supplies www.brewersewing.com United States
Checker Distributors www.checkerdist.com United States
Notions Marketing www.notions-marketing.com United States
Peterson-Arne www.petersen-arne.com United States
SBARS www.sbarsonline.com United States
Variety Distributors www.varietydistributors.com United States
Viking Woodcrafts, Inc. www.vikingwoodcrafts.com United States
HA Kidd & Company Limited www.hakidd.com/inhom.asp Canada
Fashion Futures www.fashionfutures.co.uk Europe